Internet of things is the interconnection through the Internet of computing devices installed in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

We help the established as well as the startup companies in designing and developing IOT solutions. We collect the data from the client and then our developers develop the solution accordingly.

We converge various technologies like real time analytics, commodity sensors, machine learning and embedded systems.

We help develop ‘smart homes’ where we interconnect devices and appliances which work in support with one or more ecosystems and can be controlled by devices such as smart speakers and majorly smart phones.We make sure to take care of your privacy and security concerns.

Our IoT systems take care of

  • Data security–we reserve the data acquired from the customers.
  • Data consent – users can share a limited data for the system to operate and they must be informed if the data is leaked.
  • Data minimization- We collect only limited data and retain it for a limited span of time.